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Iowa Safe Routes to School

Iowa Safe Routes to School is a program that encourages youth to walk or ride bicycles to school.  Safe Routes to School is a program that can be implemented in any Iowa community that wants safe walking and bicycling for youth.

Walk Bike Roll day may 2023

 Walk Bike Roll Day was a huge success this year, and we have the numbers to prove it. A record-breaking 23 schools across Iowa participated in this nationwide event, promoting active transportation and healthier, more sustainable communities. This marks the highest number of participating schools in the state’s history, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Welcome to Iowa Safe Routes to School. We are glad to see your commitment to the health and well-being of Iowa’s children. The Iowa Safe Routes to School program is part of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. Our goal is to work with schools and communities to improve the built environment so kids can more easily walk and roll to school. SRTS achieves these goals by educating volunteers and providing onsite resources as well.

The resources found on this site are a great way to improve the ability to walk and roll to school. The best part is that if a neighborhood or community is safe enough for a child to walk and roll about then it is safe for everyone. SRTS is not just for kids — it’s for the entire community.

 Thank you for visiting Iowa Safe Routes to School.


Underpassing in Bondurant!

The Gay Lea Wilson Underpass in Bondurant is now open after yesterday's ribbon cutting! I visited the city on behalf of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and attended the ribbon cutting. Bondurant is a proactive community and secured the underpass as a way for pedestrians...

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Dubuque Partners up for Safe Routes!

Dubuque Partners up for Safe Routes!

Back in April, Jason Duba, Assistant City Planner for the City of Dubuque, attended the Iowa Bicycle Summit and learned about the new Safe Routes to School Coordinator and unique vision to help move the needle on safe routes programs in our state. Jason has been...

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Sioux City Bike Rodeo at Grace UMC!

Last Saturday saw a bike rodeo as far west as you can be in Iowa without falling in the river. Tamera Albert of Grace United Methodist Church coordinated her first rodeo and it went off smoothly. Inspired by RAGBRAI fever, she thought this would be a great community...

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