Encouragement Activity Guide

Iowa’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Encouragement Guide is a great resource for starting or enhancing your school or community’s Safe Routes to School Program. Each chapter is a program, event, or contest to encourage kids to walk or ride to school. The guide is comprehension and includes all the steps needed to make an amazing event or program that will benefit kids and the community.

Do you have questions about the programs, events, contests?  We can answer questions or help you get started!

The Encouragement Guide includes the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Walking School Bus
Chapter 2: Bicycle Train
Chapter 3: Park and Walk (or Bicycle)
Chapter 4: Morning Mile
Chapter 5: After School Club
Chapter 6: Walking Wednesdays
Chapter 7: Walk and Roll to School Day
Chapter 8: March or Race
Chapter 9: School Assembly
Chapter 10: Mileage Club
Chapter 11: The Golden Sneaker Award
Chapter 12: Frequent Walkers/Riders Punch Card
Chapter 13: Safety Concerns
Chapter 14: Recruiting Volunteers

Download our Encouragement Guide to get started encouraging students to walk and bike to school today. Contact matt@iowabike.org for any questions or comments about the guide or starting a walk or bike bus in your community.