I had a terrific time presenting at the Growing Sustainable Communities conference in Dubuque last week. My talk Fostering Sustainable Mobility: Safer Routes, Carbon Reduction, Bicycle and Pedestrian Networks co-presented with East Central Intergovernmental Association was well received by attendants and made them appreciate active transportation as a key to sustainable communities. It was great having the conference attended by such a diverse crowd that helped generate new ideas and get everyone thinking of sustainability in different ways. Currently, the largest producer of greenhouse gases is transportation. Replacing one commute with a walk or bike ride can make a sustainable impact on your community while also putting you back into your community. Wave at a stranger, greet a friend, or stop for a cookie by parking right outside the door.

Iowa Safe Routes to School is funded through a matching grant, help us raise our 20% of the grant right here to continue our efforts to expand active transportation opportunities across the state. Thank you.