Walk to School Day


WHEW! It’s been a crazy beginning to the school year, hasn’t it?!? We’ve been promoting Walk to School Day to your communities and schools since this summer. We would like to thank all the schools for participating in making this day successful. We had a record high for schools reached this year and we couldn’t be more proud. Schools across the state got creative with their walk to school day events. Some schools did remote drop off location, developed walking school buses, and even walked during the school day if their schools were too rural.

If you took photos of your event, send them to us. We’d love to see your events and showcase your accomplishments. Hit the tab below to share your stories.

As you’ve all read, the Saris Cycling Group gifted a Hub system to the Iowa Safe Routes to School Program. As we sorted through the various applications from different schools across the state, one application really stuck out to us. Two students from South Middle school in Waukee showed great interest in the Hub System and wrote a little story it was inventive, humorous, and heartfelt about wanting to make changes within their school.

South Middle School holds about 1000 students coming from local neighborhoods or miles away. They don’t currently have Safe Routes to School programs within their schools but we feel this system will help motivate healthier lifestyles for these children as they maneuver their safe route to school.

We’re looking forward to their transformation and yours! For more information on how to build your sustainable Safe Routes to School Program contact me!