Punch Card Contest Spring ’14

Iowa Safe Routes to School

The Iowa Safe Routes to School Program will be conducting a contest for Iowa’s

elementary schools. The purpose of this contest is to motivate healthy lifestyles by getting children to walk and bike to school.

Here’s how it works:

This contest will run for a total of two weeks, 10 school days, from April 21 to May 2. Children will walk or bike to school as many days as possible for the duration of the contest. Each child will be given 2 punch cards (one for each week). Every day the child walks or bikes to school, they will receive a punch on their punch card from a designated teacher or staff member( coordinator). At the end of week one, each child will give their punch card to the designated coordinator. The student’s name and school should be printed neatly on their punch cards. At the end of two weeks all of the punch cards should be mailed by the coordinator to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition.

The punch cards will be processed and the total number of students who walked or biked will be calculated for each school. Additionally, the total number of biking and walking trips for those two weeks will be tabulated for each school. The school with the highest number of biking and walking trips will win a grand prize. All other schools will receive a participation prize.


To request punch cards, send an email to alana@iowabicyclecoalition.org with the number of students participating by March 27.

Start Date: April 21

End Date: May 2

Completed punch cards should be postmarked by May 9 and sent to Alana at:

Iowa Bicycle Coalition

P.O. Box 5562

Coralville, IA


Let’s get more kids walking and biking throughout the state.