It’s May! In years past we would be blogging about Bike Rodeos, Bike Month, or Ride to School Day, but Covid-19 has changed how we all work, play, and think. 

So rather than dwell on what we can’t do or aren’t doing this May we want to inspire you to get out and walk or ride. We encourage you to try something new or restart an old walking or biking habit. Below are a few ideas. 

Walking Ideas:

  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood. While it may sound mundane, It’s a great way for you or the family to get out of the house. If the entire family is at home right now this can be a welcomed breath of fresh air. If you’re working from home and the kids are learning from home this can be re-focus everyone needs.
  • If your kids don’t walk to school go for a practice walk to school.  It may sound silly but now is a wonderful time to try something. Getting you and your kids familiar with safely walking to school could be one of those new things. Plus, you have all summer to practice. 
  • Get out and go for a hike! Now is a lovely time to explore your local, county, or state park.  Always remember to ride and hike dirt, not mud. Needs some ideas on where to go? Check out the links for Iowa county and state parks. 

Biking ideas

  • Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood. Explore a different direction every day or every week. The world of a pedestrian looks and feels different than driving. 
Getting ready to ride!
  • Practicing riding to work or riding with your kids to school. New month, new you. With traffic volumes lower in many towns and cities now is an ideal time to ride somewhere you may have been reluctant to ride int he past. Then practice the route. Use this time to build your confidence and explore new potential routes. 
  • Go for a ride on one of Iowa’s Incredible trails system. Some of them may be in your community or nearby. Check out this link for Iowa trails near you.

Regardless of where you go or how you get there. We hope you have a great time.