Distance Learning

Iowa Safe Routes to School has created a digital classroom for online learning through Google Classroom. The digital classroom is another opportunity for Iowa Safe Routes to School to educate more Iowa children on how to safely walk and bike.

The classes are free and can be accessed by students, parents, and teachers. The content is for K-6 students with projects being divided by grade.

Classes contain videos 1-5 minutes long, worksheets, activities, and quizzes. The classes are free and accessible via Google Classroom with the following code: vkrkh2o. If you have a Google email address you can log in with the code.

The Classes include the following:
Walking Safe
Avoiding Hazards While Riding
The ABC’s Of Bicycling
How To Wear A Helmet
Hand Signals
Street signs

You will need a Google account. If you don’t have a Google email address check out the link below.

If you’re not familiar with Google Classroom click here to sign in.

Technical issues signing in?

Below are some tech tips if you happen to have trouble accessing the classroom.

Parents/Students: You need to have a Google email address.

Educators: Your school needs to have a Google G-Suite account. If you get a domain issue you may need to reach out to your IT and have the Iowa Safe Routes to Schools Google Classroom be whitelisted. Please note Iowa Safe Routes would also need to be whitelisted for your students.

Both: If using the Google code: vkrkh2o Make sure you use the letter “o” at the end rather than the number “0”.

If you have questions or suggestions email jared@iowabike.org.