Iowa Safe Routes to School was in Iowa City collaborating with Iowa City Park & Recreation for their first annual Pedal Power Event. Pedal Power was a kid specific and family friendly event on May 23rd at the Terry Trueblood Recreation Center.

Kids and volunteers having a great time!

We had the pleasuring of educating kids on how ride straight lines. While it seems easy enough, riding a straight line for some distance takes a little skill. First taught them to ride but look out in front of them. Looking out in front of you helps you concentrate on your focus allowing you to ride to the spot your eyes are looking at. Next we had the kids ride a thirty foot chalk line and focus on the end. We suggested they ride slow, perhaps stand up and coas, and focus on end of the chalk line. Most kids figured it out after one or two practices rides.

Overall, we helped educate about 75 kids on a lovely summer day.

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