Iowa Safe Routes to School Workshops

The Iowa Safe Routes to School Program is budgeted to conduct Workshops across the state of Iowa within your communities completely free of charge. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is seeking sites to conduct these safe routes to school workshops.

The goal of these 3-4 hour workshops is to help communities to create walking and biking action plans for school zones. In this half day workshop we will a picture-rich presentation regarding the five E’s ( evaluation, engineering, education, encouragement, and evaluation), a hands-on session resulting in generation of solutions to problems unique to the school/ community, and lastly we will help you create an action plan for the local SRTS task force.

Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • Build a Safe Routes to School Steering Committee by joining your local law enforcement, city officials, and those passionate about getting children to/from school safely by walking and biking.

  • Conduct a before and after school talley- how many kids are walking and biking to school.

  • Come up with three major issues inhibiting children from walking and biking to school.

  • Provide a room with a screen for your Safe Routes to School Meeting.

Our goal is to conduct one meeting in each of the six districts( District Map). Let’s bring your counties together to learn how to make your communities more Safe Routes to School friendly.

It’s never too early to make positive changes within your community so let’s set a date.

Contact the Safe Routes to School Program Director ( and help arrange a FREE Safe Routes to School workshop in your community.

Looking forward to working with you,

Alana Croco

Iowa Bicycle Coalition

P.O. Box 5562

Coralville, IA


Where it’s safe, lefts get kids walking and bicycling. Where it isn’t safe, let’s make it safe!