Calling all Rural Schools

We WANT you to participate this spring 2015!

I’ve had a couple of questions about how to make Bike/ Walk to School Day and our annual Punch Card Contest work with your rural schools… don’t worry it’s possible.

In our rural communities across Iowa sometimes it can seem impossible to get kids walking and biking to school and those same kids could feel left out by feeling like they can’t participate.

The National Center for Safe Routes to School has shared some possible options:

1. Walk or bicycle from home

Great for: Students and families who live close enough to walk or bicycle to school on a route that’s appropriate for these modes.

How it’s done: Encourage students and their families to walk or bicycle to school. They might join other families and form groups in their neighborhoods to travel to school together.  This is the essence of Walk and Bike to School Days.
2. Designated Starting Points

Great for:  Families who live too far to walk or bicycle, families with limited routes for walking and bicycling, bus riders and children with disabilities.

How it’s done: Identify one or more locations where students and their families will gather to walk or bike to school together or where families can park and make their way to school when they’re ready.  Have a parade, park and walk or ride and stride…the sky’s the limit!
3. Walk or bike AT school

Great for: Families who live too far to walk or bicycle, families with limited routes for walking and bicycling, bus riders, children with disabilities and times when few parents can participate.

How it’s done:  Walk at school during an assembly, recess or as part of a class activity. Sometimes student aftercare providers will get involved by walking or bicycling from school to the after-school facility. These events can foster a lifelong appreciation for walking and bicycling and develop important safety skills.  They’re also the easiest way to include every student.

Email for more information!