Walk Bike Roll Day was a huge success last May; a record-breaking 24 schools across Iowa participated in this nationwide event, promoting active transportation and healthier, more sustainable communities. See which schools participated last May on this map and if your city made it. If not, why not?

Anyone can register a school to participate in Walk Bike Roll to School day including principals, teachers, staff, and even parents. So far fifteen schools have signed up but we believe we can top our record from last May!

Events can range from just some families to school-wide events with dozens of students participating! Last year had schools with huge turnouts and local officials getting involved. You can read all about last May’s success right here. 

If you want to plan and launch an event then register at http://walkbiketoschool.org/registration. We’ll be happy to help you plan and promote your special day, design posters and social media posts, and help in any way we can to have a special Walk Bike Roll to School Day. If you do register, please reach out to us to help you plan a memorable event to help encourage active transportation not just on October 4th, but every day.

For more information about safe routes to schools visit iowasaferoutes.org or email matt@iowabike.org on how to promote safe routes in your community.