There are just two weeks until BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY is here on May 7th!! Why haven’t you registered your school for this event? If you don’t feel comfortable having your kids biking to school and feel more comfortable with them walking, THAT COUNTS TOO!!!


Does Your School Need Bikes and Helmets?
Register your event and be entered in the Bike to School Day Helmets on Heads Giveaway! Schwinn’s Helmets on Heads program will give away ten bicycles and twenty helmets to ten lucky schools or student-focused community organizations that have registered to participate in this year’s Bike to School Day event. We have just three drawings left to go. Registration closes on May 31st.

Additionally, all local resources that register on the website will be included in the final drawing and will be given the opportunity to select a school to receive the bikes on behalf of that resource.

Looking for Event Ideas?

Need help finding activities to put your event over the top? has a collection of more than 50 event ideas compiled from experienced Walk and Bike to School event organizers. Some of these ideas are simple, others are more complex. Think about what fits your event and community.

Plan an Event in Seven Days

To help Bike to School Day newcomers and last-minute organizers, has a resource to help you plan an event in less than two weeks. Plan an Event in Seven Days provides a day-by-day to-do list to gear up an event to hit the streets.

National Bike to School Day events raise awareness of the need to create safer routes for bicycling and walking and emphasize the importance of issues such as increasing physical activity among children, bicyclist and pedestrian safety, reducing traffic congestion and concern for the environment. The events build connections between families, schools and the broader community.

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