Sometimes it’s hard to see the progress you’ve made as a statewide organization. You want to have the ability to touch every part of the state with your expertise and guidance, but where do you even start and how long will it take for you to make a dent in the thousands of schools across the state!? Yes it can be frustrating at times but I believe I’m good at what I do with the voice I have. I’m here for your community and schools and I want to help you build a more safe routes to school friendly environment.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to edit our website and make it more accessible for you, the viewer.

We’ve added and changed the pages we have and our content is still amazing but I’m wondering what you’re interested in learning about… What do you really need to know to help you make that change and get you more involved?

I recently sent out a mass email across the state as I inquired about what walking school buses we have across the state. I received great responses and even inquires of building programs in their respective communities. I’ve spent a lot of time putting together the list with some personalized information for their list. It made me feel awesome to see all these different schools with a stake in the SRTS world.

Take a peek at all the schools in all the counties… Isn’t that wonderful. Please let us help you change your communities future!

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