Hey guys! There are just seven days until Bike to School Day. The good news is that if you don’t have a bike you can still walk to school. Use those feet, either way! If you feel that you’re not able to pull of this event by May 7th– that’s okay. Just host an event throughout the month of May and we can still send you freebies for your school’s participants. Register your event at walkbiketoschool.org and email alana@iowabicyclecoalition.org with the number of children you think will participate.

Plan an Event in 7 Days

We planned it in less than a week. We had a good turnout. Next year we will talk from class to class and encourage walking.
– Event organizer, ND

Many successful events have gotten started with little time to spare. An event can be simple. In fact, it’s possible to plan a Walk or Bike to School event in one week. Here’s how it can work:
Day 1:

  • Obtain the school principal’s approval for a Walk or Bike to School Day event.
  • Once you have the principal’s approval, register the event to be counted among the millions of participants. Registering your event will also give you free access to extra resources and promotional materials.
  • Decide if the event will encourage walking, bicycling or both.

Day 2:

  • Invite students and parents to participate. If the school has a listserv, use it to announce your event. Download fliers that can easily be printed on a home computer.

Days 3-5:

  • Recruit volunteers to help distribute fliers and, if desired, to greet walkers and bicyclists on the big day.

Day 6:

  • Make an intercom announcement to remind students to walk or bicycle to school tomorrow.
  • Create posters or a banner that will greet students when they arrive at school. Potential phrases include “Thanks for walking,” “It’s Bike to School Day,” “Hike it. Bike it. I like it!” or “It’s cool to walk and bike to school!”

Day 7:

  • Event day is here! Take photos of walkers and riders (if allowed by the school).
  • As students arrive, ask them to contribute to a list like: Ways they got their parents to walk and bike to school with them, Top 10 reasons to walk and bike to school and/or Top 10 things that need improvement to make walking and biking to school easier and safer. Save the students’ lists to get ideas for next year’s event.