Walk to School day is finally here!

There are just 2 days until international walk to school day on October 8. You’ve been hearing a lot from us these last couple of months as we’ve been promoting this great day. We love getting kids walking and biking to school and there are no better supporters in building healthy lifestyles than the schools and parents involved with their students. Kids who walk and bike to school are more likely to better in the classroom than those who do not. Kids and families who are active together are more likely to lead healthier lifestyles. Why no get involved in getting Safe Routes to School involved with your school and community!

If you’re worried about hosting an event in a short amount of time, have no fear. Register at walkbiketoschool.org and email alana@iowabicyclecoalition.org to order freebies for your events held throughout the month of October.

There are currently 65 schools in the state of Iowa participating In Walk to School Day, why aren’t you?