Happy New Year!

Iowa Safe Routes to School is pretty excited about the New Year. As we come into what is often the slower time of the month we have big things happening.

First, we have our Iowa Safe Routes to School Conference on January 27th at the Des Moines Area MPO. This year’s focus is grassroots and local. All of the presenters are out based and most are Safe Routes to School coordinators. We will be discussing: walking school buses, bike rodeos, safe routes partnerships, and how school-age kids interact with push-button crossings. The conference is always free and you can choose from in-person or hybrid. If you’d like to know more here is a link. https://2022iowabicyclesummit.eventbrite.com

Next up February 2nd is Iowa Safe Routes to School’s first-ever Winter Walk to School Day event. We borrowed the idea from our friends at the Minnesota Department of Transportation. This is something that we plan to grow and promote for years to come. Walking to school is important. Promoting the idea that it can be done all year round is important to foster active live styles. https://www.iowasaferoutes.org/winter-walk-to-school-day-2022/

Bike Rodeos! We are excited that as of now we have about thirty scheduled this spring. When it works out we are suggesting communities host a bike rodeo in late spring because then they can promote Bike to School Day on May 4th. This gives schools and communities two reasons to get excited about riding bikes. If you are interested in getting on the bike rodeo schedule email us at the address below.

Lastly, the Iowa Bicycle Coalition is planning to host its first-ever League of American Bicyclist LCI instructor course. The course intends to teach people how to be able to teach others how to ride bikes safely. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition feels this is essential to growing safe cycling for cyclists of all ages. Stay tuned as we roll out more information regarding the details of the class.

If you’d like to know more about anything discussed in this post reach out to jared@iowabikes.org