About Safe Routes

What is Safe Routes to School (SRTS)?

SRTS is an international effort to increase safety around schools while promoting walking and bicycling. SRTS projects achieve promote safer biking and walking around schools by concentrating on six E’s: engineering, education, enforcement, encouragement, evaluation, and equity.  The video below does a wonderful job of succinctly describing the community benefits of SRTS programming.

Why are Safe Routes to School important?

During the past two to three decades, there has been an incredible rise in obesity and physical inactivity in children and adults. The impact on health and health-care costs is high and will continue to rise dramatically. In 1969, roughly half of all children walked or biked to school. Now, it is about 15 percent. Presently, only 29 percent of kids walk or ride to a school who live less t less than 1 mile away.
There is a strong correlation between communities with good bicycle and pedestrian environments, and having more active residents. Air quality and traffic congestion around schools has also become an issue.

Iowa Safe Routes to School is here for YOUR school and community

The Iowa Safe Routes to School program is one of the most important programs a school can develop for its community. Our non-infrastructure program provides ways for children to get more physical activity thus generating better health, increased safety for children, less traffic, and a greater sense of community. The mission of the Iowa Safe Routes to School program is to increase the number of children walking and biking to school. Our initiative builds a larger focus on health, safety, traffic relief, and environmental awareness. We’re given the opportunity to work closely with schools, communities, and local officials to promote healthy lifestyles for children.